Extra measures during Covid-19 to ensure guest safety


Further to the good news regarding no quarantine and free movement within Italy and open borders from 3rd June – we are now OPEN FOR BUSINESS


The properties have been closed-down since October 31st last year with no access by anyone during the intervening period.


We employ a Professional Cleaning Company who comply with all local, regional and national laws. They will take additional cleaning and disinfection measures to ensure the safety of our guests and will be preparing the properties for our first guests with a rigorous deep clean and they will be providing appropriate cleaning after each set of guests.


We use an off-site Professional Laundry for the cleaning and sanitization of all our bed linens and bathroom towels. 


We have a remote check-in facility, you simply send us your passport details at least 48 hours prior to your arrival. The keys will be left for you in a key box (both keys and key box are sanitized after each departure), so you do not need to meet anybody in person.


The majority of local bars, restaurants and shops are now back up and running.


There are zero active cases of Covid-19 in the Argegno area and there have been no deaths.


Hand gel and masks are freely available to purchase in the local pharmacy. Masks are required if travelling on public transport.

Please follow link for additional information regarding new rules and regulations if travelling to Lake Como and Italy this summer


Our Certified Cleaning Company – Comoclean



In addition to normal cleaning routines, the cleaning protocol for check in / out service for COVID-19 Emergency is as follows:


Primary cleaning with the use of specific alcohol-based or high-bactericidal and germicidal products of all horizontal and vertical furnishings, worktops, chairs, meeting tables, light points (switches) telephone sets, handles, doors, floors.


Sanitization of all bathrooms and cloakrooms


Use of specific products CORONAVIRUS emergency:

ONDAKLOR and KOS (technical sheets available on request).

– Medical Surgical Unit Reg. Min. San. No. 19651

– Compliant with EN tests: 1276.1650, 13697.


All cleaning operators will use masks, gloves and visors.