You only need to browse the web site rental pages to work out what kind of a return you could get on your holiday home on Lake Como, but remember not every rental agent can get you these prices, so choose with care.

Sample rental incomes:

Actual rental incomes received in 2009 on a 4-5 bedroom property with a private pool which was purchased for €600,000 in January 2009. 

weeks available21913952
weeks rented0310821
weekly rental €2,1002,9003,9004,900
Total income €0.008,70039,00039,00086,900

Actual rental incomes received in 2009 on a 2 bedroom apartment in a small complex with shared pool. This was purchased for €230,000 in October 2008.

weeks available21913952
weeks rented2310924
weekly rental €7001,2001,3501,50032,000
Total income €1,4003,60013,50013,50029,100


These are gross income figures. You would need to take into account charges such as utilities, agency fees, laundry, cleaning and any tax payable.